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Dimensions:W: 80cm (31.5")H: 66cm (26")D: 31cm (12.2")


A huge vintage taxidermy Green Anaconda specimen.
An extremely rare preserved example of this fearsome South American snake with wonderful markings & colour, mounted on its original wooden base. At around nine & a half feet in length & coiled menacingly around the branches which form part of the base, it's a real statement piece & an interesting piece of natural history.
The Green Anaconda is considered the largest species of snake in the world & receives this accolade due to its weight rather than its length. Also known as the 'Water Boa', the 'Eunectus' in its Latin name (Eunectus Murinus) translates to 'good swimmer'.
Mid 20th century
Wear commensurate with age, a great specimen overall, some cracking to the plaster filling in the mouth, otherwise excellent with no damage.
Measurement above (9.5 foot) refers to the snake from head to tail.
This specimen is listed under CITES appendix 2 & does not require any documentation (A10) to be offered for sale within the EU.
Collection preferred due to size, UK courier service may be possible, please enquire for details.