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Pharmacy Counter

Pharmacy Counter

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W: 188cm (74")H: 87cm (34.3")D: 65cm (25.6")

£3,450.00 Approx $4296.39, €4025.67
An antique phrmacy display counter.
A beautiful, large Victorian mahogany pharmacy display cabinet, the central sponge bin flanked by two shelved cupboards below a thick mahogany top. The central bin, which would have contained natural sea sponges, has a swing door, original wire inner basket ans is topped with it's original reverse painted gilt glass 'Sponges' sign.
A beautiful & unique survivor, the likes of which are now showing up less & less!
Wear commensurate with age, showing numerous minor signs of its past, good overall with the right hand cupboard deeper than the left as this was designed just to display bottles. & Right hand end panel & end skirts are later but come in extremely well matched solid mahogany (this would have been built into a fitted chemist interior originally so these would have been added when it was removed to make it freestanding). Recent ply back.
UK courier possible, please enquire for details.