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Coffin Table c1870

Coffin Table c1870

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W: 156cm (61.4")H: 96cm (37.8")D: 93cm (36.6")

£1,550.00 Approx $1876.51, €1798.14

A rare 19th century ecclesiastical coffin table.
A beautiful, unique piece of furniture, the delightfully over-engineered & sculptural base in the original ebonized finish & raised on huge cast iron wheels. The thick pine top is fitted with four large iron rollers to the surface & the underside is inset with series of concentric rings which sit on iron castors in the upper base. The design allowed the coffins to be rolled on & off the table top which can then also be rotated on it's axis through 360 degress. 
A well proportioned, beautifully engineered & practical piece of furniture which would make an amazing kitchen island.
Wear commensurate with age, unrestored condition showing pleasing signs of age, wheels likely later historic relacements, a few sporadic old woodworm holes treated as a precaution.
UK courier service possible, please enquire for details.