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Avro Anson Aircraft Seat

Avro Anson Aircraft Seat

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W: 45cm (17.7")H: 90cm (35.4")D: 62cm (24.4")


A rare surviving example of an original antique Avro Anson aircraft seat.
This fantastic aircraft seat once graced the interior of an Avro Anson plane. The lightweight tubular metal frame comes in its original painted finish & its original black leather upholstery, the cushions are stuffed with horsehair & research suggests this is an earlier model of the seat.
The Avro Anson was a twin engine, low wing cantilever monoplane produced from 1935 to 1952 & used by the RAF from 1936 & throughout World War Two. It initially flew with a three man crew of one pilot, one navigator / bomb aimer and one radio operator / gunner though the RAF used a four man crew from 1938 onwards. It carried a .303 Vickers Machine Gun at the front end of the aircraft, a turret mounted Lewis Gun at the rear and an additional 360lbs of bombs could be carried between the two wings.
A handsome piece of aeronautical salvage & fascinating piece of history in its original state which no longer turns up very often. 
1930's / 40's
Wear commensurate with age, offered in untouched as-found condition. The metal framework has no breaks or cracks though the upholstery has suffered over the years with several areas of wear & tear, the rear of the upper seat is damaged & the two fastening 'belts' on the left hand side which would have been joined to those on the right, are missing (the chair would therefore need work if you ever wanted to use it as seat as it won't support any weight without these to support the seat cushion).
Collection from our warehouse in Downham Market (PE38) preferred, UK courier service possible, please enquire for details.