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The Better 'Ole Shaving Saloon

The Better 'Ole Shaving Saloon

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W: 61cm (24")H: 122cm (48")

£695.00 Approx $879.75, €811.92

A large blue on white enamel Shaving Saloon sign.
A striking, unique & early sign and a brilliant piece of social history in a wonderful colourway with some fantastic traditional typography.
Named after, 'The Better Ole' also know as, 'The Romance of Old Bill', An Edwardian musical comedy & accompanying book by Bruce Bairnsfather and Arthur Elliot featuring the cartoon character infantryman Old Bill. While in the trenches, Old Bill at some point told one of his troops, who were complaining about conditions, that if they knew of a 'better ole' to go to it (as per last image).
Hugely popular at the time, the shaving saloon was named after the cartoon...
Early 20th century
Wear commensurate with age, unrestored with a decent gloss.
UK courier service available at £25 tracked & signed for delivery.