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Taxidermy Vulturine

Taxidermy Vulturine

Code: 10881


W: 38cm (15")H: 50cm (19.7")D: 25cm (9.8")


A rare taxidermy study of a Vulturine Guinea Fowl.
A stunning & very unusual piece of taxidermy, beautifully executed & mounted on a solid mahogany base.
The Vulturine Guinea Fowl is the largest species of Guinea Fowl & is characterised by its beautiful black, white & cobalt blue plumage and bald vulture-like head & neck. The species is not under threat, however taxidermy examples are uncommon given the high value of the brightly coloured feathers to fly fisherman.
A wonderful piece.
Not much age, probaby late 20th century.
In excellent condition, one wing feather to the rear appears to be cut short & one claw missing, otherwise perfect.
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