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Large Timber Printer's Sign c1890

Large Timber Printer's Sign c1890

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W: 183cm (72")H: 43cm (16.9")D: 2cm (0.8")

£695.00 Approx $838.36, €824.44
An early printer's trade sign.
A wonderful 19th century painted timber trade sign for 'Wheeler' printer's, delightfully original & untouched with the perfect patina. The sign is double sided with the bold gilt lettering with a black shadow expertly applied.
A truly exceptional example of early sign-writing & a beautiful thing, with the likes of which showing up less & less.
Wear commensurate with age, fair condition overall showing numerous signs of it's past making it what is is today. Completely untouched original condition, never touched-up or messed around with, totally unmolested. With one side more faded than the other (the 'back' can be seen in the last image), a crack to one end & plenty of wear & tear the the edges. The sign remains solid & has two later hooks to the top which can be used to hang it.
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